Basics of Microbiology ( 1 Session)

DR. Eman Askar Head of Microbiology
Who should attend? This Workshop will benefit professionals working in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Drug, Biologics, Medical Device Product Manufacturing industries. It will be especially valuable for personnel within the following areas: • Quality Assurance; Quality Control • Validation; Regulatory Affairs • Laboratory; Testing Analysts and Technicians Course topics: Module 1: Basics of Microbiology - Microbiology and Its History -  Microorganisms -  Infection and Disinfection - Microbiology  lab. Overview - Microbiology lab. Role - Pharmaceutical  Microbiology - Microbiological tests Learning objectives: Upon completion of this course, you will be able to: • Describe the history, various Microbiology Era’s and specific discoveries within each Era • Summarize the detailed study and principles of microbiology • List the characteristics of the major groups of microorganisms • Describe causes of asepsis and its relationship with the infection process • List the various aspects of disinfection and sterilization and its impact on contamination and infection control processes
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