What is LIMS?

Laboratory Information Management System is a solution for automation of all activities of quality control laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry.


Silver LIMS Efficiently assists organizations to manage their incoming raw materials, in-process materials, and finish goods from initial registration of the material to its final product. Includes all required activities of Quality control such as infrastructure lab design, facilities, assets, Calibration plan, consumables and sample managements, and Staff training.

Silver LIMS is One Application with multiple integrated and dynamic functions plotted in various metaphors, it provides built-in workload screen represents number of products, tests, working hours and coast based on the data entered. You can use workload screen as a user daily routine work.


- IPC Samples management.

- Finished Product Samples management.

- Raw Material Samples management.

- Packaging materials Samples management.


- Enhance productivity of your field team.

- Better Engagement with customer .

- Immediate enforcement of business rules and policies.

- Improve communication between field QC and top management.

- Provide Instant Performance Indicators.

- Enable timely management decisions.

- Eliminate overheads.

- Eliminate human error.

- Reduce your running costs.


1-Sample management

The quality of the laboratory work is only as good as the quality of the samples it uses for testing.

2-Statistical package

SILVER LIMS is a a major tool for operational management of laboratories to ensuring smoother control processes.

3-Reporting Services

From the sample registration to the final reporting, full laboratory management reporting system.

4-Lab Inventory Control

Track your reagents, wares, stock supply and offers re-order alerts to reduce costs and improve productivity

5-Document Control

Automates and effectively manages document control as a core integrated quality suite

6-Audit Trail

Viewing the audit trail for quality review in each Sample receipt, work allocation, results entry and approval.

7-Annual Product Review (APR)

Verify the consistency, trend, changes and compliance of manufacturing processes.

8-QC Assets Management

Systematic developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets cost-effectively.

9-Performance Measurements

All activities you make are stored, retrieved and analyzed to measure performance in a live manner.

10-Vendor Qualification

The performance history of your various vendors can be collected, analyzed, measured and approved.

11-OOS Investigation

SILVER LIMS runs under MS Windows desktop, *in advanced plan you can request a special web based edition.

12-MS Windows or Web* Based

Experience your data, any way, anywhere and view a complete picture of your informations in graphical manner.

13-Virtual Representation

Experience your data, any way, anywhere and view a complete picture of your informations in graphical manner.

14-Dedicated User Profile

SILVER LIMS provides for each registered user a dedicated profile includes user documents, tasks and requisitions.

15-Security & Authority

The security administrator authority possesses the ability to manage roles and user security objects.

Regulatory Compliance:

SILVER LIMS Achieves GXP, GAMP5, GALP & FDA CFR Part 11 requirements and comply with multiple sets of regulations and guidelines imposed by various global regulatory agencies such as FDA, EMEA, EPA, TGA, EudraLex, ISO and OSHA.


   - CORPEX- Silver LIMS is integrated with Microsoft Windows, Office and SharePoint in desktop, mobile and web platforms.

   - Import and Export data from other formats (xls and csv) are included.

   - Integration with readable file format generated from.                
     laboratory instruments.

   - Data base integration ( SAP, ORACLE,...) is available

   - Complete integration solution is available.

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